Private Lessons Availability

Currently, my studio is completely full! I am available for one-off lessons here and there, but I will not be taking on any additional weekly students. Sorry!

One-Off Sessions

If you're interested in a one-off session with me, here are some services I can provide/topics we can cover (via Zoom unless local):

  • Feedback on pieces you've prepared

  • Musical theater topics

    • Required skills

    • Getting gigs

    • Show set ups

    • Techniques & tricks

  • Feedback on your writing

    • Bios

    • Resumes/CVs

    • Program notes

    • Music scholarship

  • Podcasting basics

  • A variety of other topics!

Lessons Resources

Here are some of the handouts I've created for my private students over the years. These include basic exercises and a few song transcriptions (drum set). In addition to creating these types of resources, I of course make use of established method books and solo repertoire. In addition to playing by ear, all of my students learn to read musical notation to some extent; the exact level of musical literacy they attain is determined by their individual musical goals and interests.